Your Name is united to the RCD Espanyol "Dani Jarque" Training Center. Your figure is the first thing anyone sees at the entrance to remind that only with hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, fellowship and will of overcoming can be achieved what only few players have been able to; to become a professional football player. For every kid that wish to reach his dream sees in you the path to follow.
Your Heart is linked with the Dani Jarque Scolarships, of the Ànima Foundation, for the prevention of sudden death among athlete kids.
Your Spirit oozes strongly every 21st minute in each game played at RCD Espanyol stadium. One match, fans of both teams, two different objectives but united during 60 seconds in a tribute to you for your honesty, compromise and loyalty.
Your Soul is present in all the people who love you thanks to your energy, your constant fight, that will of getting better every day, your capacity to confront problems straight, and the affection and respect with which you took care and protected everything and everyone close to you. Every day is a reason to know and be aware that You Will Always Be Here.
You are always: #EternalDani, #EternalDaniJarque, #EternalCaptain