Adrià  Carmona

Born date:
Born place:
Igualada (Barcelona)
171 cmts
62 kg
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Left side player with the versatility of a midfield player. Very fast, vertically and a decisive player in one against one. Able to cover long side distances with ease. Technically very full and imaginative when it comes to overtaking on the sides. When he overtakes on the outside he delivers very good passes while running and when he overtakes on the inside he often finds the verticality towards the goal as he searches to make a shot to take advantage of its strong beating of the ball with his left leg or to search for an unmarked companion to make a pass into space. He is able to read the match very well, allowing him to be attentive in receiving a pass so as to enter available spaces or to perform clear support to make the ball exit forward.

International in the lower levels of the Spanish national team.

football career

Football Base F.C. Barcelona


Temp. 2010-2011 Milan B  C. Primavera


Temp. 2011-2012 Milan B  C. Primavera


Temp. 2012-2013 Milan Lega Serie A


Temp. 2012-2013 R.Zaragoza 1ª. Div.


Temp. 2013-2014 Girona F.C. 2º Div. A


Temp. 2014-2015 R.C.D. Espanyol 2ª Div. B


Temp.2015-2016 Albacente Balompié 2ª Div. A


Temp. 2016-2018 C.D. Lugo 2ª Div. A


Temp. 2018-2019 Delhi Dynamos FC 1ª Div.


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