Enric Gallego

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187 cmts
87 k
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Forward center of much work and with goal. With a powerful shot in his left leg. He is a center forward of much mobility, falling to band to provoke spaces and the entrance of players from second line. Although its wingspan is fast over long distances. Its 187 cmts and its power in the lower train makes it always face with guarantees the dispute of the aerial balls. Technically good with his left leg.

football career

Football base U.A. Gramenet y C.F. Badalona


Temp. 2008-2009 C.E. Premiá 3ª Div


Temp. 2009-2010 R.C.D. Espanyol 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2010-2013 U.E. Cornellá 3ª Div.


Temp. 2013-2014 C.F. Badalona 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2014-2015 U.E. Olot 2ª Div. B /


Temp. 2014-2018 U.E. Cornellà 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2017-2018 C.F: Extremadura 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2018-2019 C.F: Extremadura 2ª Div.


Temp. 2018-2019 S.D. Huesca 1ª Div


Termina contrato 30-06-2022