Aldo One

Born date:
Born place:
Yaounden ( Camerún )
183 cmts
79 kg
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Left back with a spectacular strength which makes him almost always successful in all situations in short spaces, with great airpower in defensive and offensive actions so often incorporated into all strategic moves as he dominates all aspects of the air game. Of winning character, he is a player who imposes his law when the ball is in uncertain possession. He has good ball start and is actively correct.

His features make him also able to act as double pivot if the situation requires it, because he is always delivers a high level of concentration. In the dressing room he is a reference for his ability and work ethics.

football career

Football Base R.C.D. Mallorca


Temp. 2012-2013 R.C.D. Mallorca 2ªDiv. B. ( Age younth )


Temp. 2013-2014 R.C.D. Mallorca 3ª Div.


Temp. 2014-2015 R.C.D. Mallorca 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2015-2016 R.C.D. Mallorca 3ª Div.


Temp. 2016-2017 R.C.D. Mallorca 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2017-2019 Depportivo La Coruña  2ª Div. B


Acaba contracto 30-06-2019