Miguel Ángel 'Migue'

Born date:
Born place:
Terrassa ( Barcelona )
185 cmts
79 kg
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Possibly the only player in the league capable of performing four defensive positions, both right and left central midfield and left and right side winger.

He has a very vigorous physic which, when the occasion requires, allows him to act decisively both in low and high zones. He has a powerful lower body, which allows him to be a key player in both defensive and offensive actions. His technique is remarkable for fast long distance passes. He is a player who gives strong character to the defensive line.

When playing as a winger he usually joins offensive positions, quickly regaining his position. Highly resistant to physical hard work.

football career

Football Base F.C. Barcelona


Temp. 1998-2001 F.C. Barcelona C 3ª Div.


Temp. 2001-2002 Sporting Gijón B 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2001-2003 Sporting Gijón 2ª Div. A


Temp. 2003-2004 C.E. Mataró 2ª Div B


Temp. 2004-2005 F.E. Figueres 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2005-2007 C.F. Terrassa 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2007-2008 Girona F.C. 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2008-2014 Girona F.C. 2ª Div. A


Temp. 2014-2015 D. Alavés 2ª Div. A


Tem. 2015-2016 Huracan C.F. 2ª Div B


Tem. 2015-2016 Cádiz  C.F. 2ª Div B


Tem. 2016-2017 Cádiz  C.F. 2ª Div A


Tem. 2017-2019 C.E. Sabadell 2ª Div B


Finish contract 30-06-2019