Joan Verdú

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178 cmts
72 kg
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Midfield player with offensive tackle. Technically very complete. Possesses an excellent vision to deliver that last pass before the goal. Gets on well with extreme ease with his teammates. Always finds the best situation in the field to offer options to the holder of the ball. He is a key reference player in offensive actions. He has an extraordinary ability to keep hold of the ball without losing it. Specialist in set piece due to his excellent individual technique. His physical resilience and stamina stand out.

football career

Football Base F.C. Barcelona


Temp. 2001-2002 F.C. Barcelona 3ª Div.


Temp. 2002-2006 F.C. Barcelona 2ª Div. B


Temp. 2006-2009 Dep. Coruña 1ª Div.


Temp. 2009-2013 R.C.D. Espanyol 1ª Div.


Temp. 2013-2014 R. Betis Balompié 1ª Div.


Temp. 2014-2015 Baniyas Club 1ª Div.


Temp. 2015-2016 ACF Fiorentina 1ª Div.


Temp. 2015-2016 U.D. Levante 1ª Div.


Temp. 2017 Qingdao Jonoon F.C. 


Finish contrat 31-12-2017